If you have arrived here you are probably wondering why you are here, or at least how you got here.  You are either incredibly lost or are one of the few that came here on purpose. Regardless, welcome to my website.

I never thought I would have a website, but due to the encouragement and help of others I have one.  Many people would tell me that doing a blog, or Facebook, or a website was easy, “Anybody can do it.” I obviously am not anybody, certainly not a somebody, and am not even a notable nobody. Whenever I tried to figure these things out my Parkinson’s brain stripped gears and I struggled until emotions set in and I would have to walk away – far away – far, far away; and for long periods of time.

This journey to the point of a website began when Parkinson’s disease rendered me unable to hold a job.  I began writing creatively.  To do so is play.  I began writing my memoirs as stand-alone stories.  I ended up with a folder of Parkinson’s stories.  I submitted some to the NPF/SD newsletter and they gave me a column.  I told the editor that I had enough stories to compile a book.  She encouraged me to do it; so, I did.  Then I went to stores to see if they would stock it.  Many did and encouraged me to do book-signings, which meant calling the newspaper and/or radio stations for publicity. This led to radio and a TV interview. I even spoke at a couple of events.  Through all this, I received advice on several occasions that I should have a website.

I never had a great master plan, I just am going through the open doors.

Thanks for joining me on my journey. Come back now and then to see how God is working through my writing. Also, my blog is https://tugsandnudges.wordpress.com/

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