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I.          What to expect in  “I Know What You Know”

II.         About “I Know What You Know”

III.       Excerpts from “ “I Know What You Know”

IV.        Links to Youtube videos of “I Know What You Know”

I.          What to expect in “I Know What You Know”


You will meet Danny B. Wood, SNAFU, Tootie the Elephant, Rocky, Byrdsworth, Joey (Danny’s dummy), Max the Monkey, Willie Humble and Kerr Mudgeon.


Danny in: I Know What You Know

Danny & Joey in:  Don’t Need You

Max the Monkey in: Animals Don’t Need to Repent

Tootie the Elephant in: My Bad Now is Now a Good Now

Byrdsworth in: Squawkers & Talkers

II.        About: “I Know What You Know”

Kevin’s desire is to help people use ventriloquism for a purpose, whether in the ministry or for awareness of a disease or issue.  Many of the skits were written for children’s ministries. Kevin has Parkinson’s so that has influenced his current skits, as well.

He relates how a character came to be and how he wrote the scripts. The idea is to help someone else do the same.  The skits can be tailored to be used with other characters and Kevin shows how to do that in the pages of “I Know What You Know.”

Learn about ventriloquism basics, discovering and developing a character,

III.       Excerpt:

I Ain’t a Sinner (which can be seen on Youtube).

D. Hey, I’m gonna be a cowboy. Like the cowboy cap?
K. That’s a cowboy hat.
D. And I got me some cowboy shoes.
K. They’re cowboy boots.
D. And I got one of those cowboy stringy thingies.
K. That’s a bolo tie.
D. I look like a real cowboy, don’t I?
K. Except for one thing, you need to learn some cowboy words.
D. Some cowboy words? Like what?
K. Like yahoo.
D. Yahoo?
K. Yeah, yahoo.
D. Yahoo? I ain’t sayin’ that.
K. You see, when cowboys get excited, they say, “YA-HOO!”
D. That’s weird.
K. C’mon Danny, it’s not so bad. Can you say yeah?
D. Yeah.
K. Then practice with me. Yeah.
D. Yeah (back and forth a few times).
K. Who
D. Who. (Back and forth a few times).
K. Now put them together, yeah-who.
D. Yeah-who, yahoo, YAHOO, YAHOO
K. Ok, that’s enough now.
D. YAHOO, that’s a good word!
K. One of the things we do is to remind folks that there comes a time in our lives when we wonder what   would happen to our soul when we die.
D. Which one?
K. What do you mean which one?
D. The right one or the left one?
K What are you talking about?
D. On my shoes.
K. Not the soles of your shoes, I mean the part of you that thinks – the you that lives in your body.
D. Your hand is my soul?
K. No, Danny, you don’t have a soul, you’re not real.
D. You are pretty unreal yourself sometimes.
K. You see, Danny, when a person dies his soul either goes to heaven or to hell. Do you know how a person gets to heaven?
D. By being good.
K. No, being good won’t do it.
D. By getting baptized?
K. No, getting baptized won’t do it either.
D. By praying every day?
K. No, that won’t get you to heaven.
D. By going to _____________ Baptist church?
K. No, that can’t help you any.
D. Then how do you get to heaven?
K. By getting saved.
D. Well, I’ve been saved.
K. You have?
D. Yeah, I was at McGinkiner, McGawkerner, Maquinnigar’s Slough and I saw a turtle, so I jumped in to catch him and I started to drown, glug, glug, glug, glug…and this guy jumped in and he saved me.
K. That’s great, but that’s being physically saved. I’m talking about being spiritually saved.
D. How do you get saved?
K. Well, first of all a person must realize he is a sinner.
D. I ain’t a sinner.
K. You mean to tell me that you have never sinned?
D. That’s right.
K. What about the time I caught you pulling on the cat’s tail and I had to…
D. Don’t tell.
K. I had to…
D. Don’t tell.
K. I had to punish you.
D. You told, I’m so embarrassed (turns head around backwards).
K. I had to tell you to quit pulling on the cat’s tail.
D. I wasn’t pulling, I was just hanging on. He was doing all the pulling, meeooowww…
K. You don’t need to be embarrassed because everybody has been punished sometime.
D. How do you know?
K. How many here today have been punished because they have done something wrong (hands go up all over).
D. Oooooowwwwweeee, this is a bad crowd.
K. Its not that they are so bad, it’s just that we have all sinned at one time or another and because of that sin we could all end up in hell.
D. (Inhales loudly) did you hear that? He said, “H-E-double toothpick.”
K. Hell is a Bible word that describes a place of eternal fire that unrepentant people will go when they die. Kind of like the inside of a wood burner.
D. I’d hate to go there; I’d get burned out in a hurry.
K. The Bible says that no one has to go there. We all have a choice. All we need to do is realize we have sinned, turn from that sin and trust Jesus as Savior because He died on the cross to pay for their sins.
D. That’s all?
K. That’s all.
D. Any dummy can do that.
K. You’d be a dummy not to. Well Danny, we gotta get to gettin’
D We ga-ga-ge-ge, what?
K. We gotta.
D. We gotta.
K. Get ta.
D. Get ta.
K. Gettin’.
D. Gettin’.
K. We gotta get ta gettin’.
D. We gotta get to gettin’.
K. While the gettin’s good.
D. While the gettin’s good.
K. You got it, Danny.
D. I got it, I got it, I got it. Let’s get got!

IV.       Youtube link to skits



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