How do you pronounce Boekhoff?

“book off”, just remember that you drop a “book off” at the library.

 Are your stories true?

Yes, most of them are. For legal reasons, I suppose I should say “mostly true” or “to the best of my recollection.”  Some of the details may be off a bit due to a fuzzy memory. I consider my stories creative nonfiction. Those that are stuff I made up all by myself will be duly noted.

Where do you get your ideas, inspiration etc. from?

Life: past and present.  I draw from the experiences I have had whether at work or in the ministry or working on a hobby. Sometimes it is from interaction with other people, sometimes it is from observing.  I am told that my mind works differently than most minds. My initial thought will end up in a different place than what is considered normal. Then my mind flips the concepts around and plays with them.  It may take days or weeks before I know how to present my thought humorously.  Sometimes the idea is there instantly.

I have a file of ideas, thoughts and happenings that I think of, but need to flesh out.

Do you use real names?

In the stories that are basically true, some the names have been changed.

Are the stories in chronological order?

No because I figured that if I tried to do that I would later remember a story and want to add it in, but it would then be out of place in life’s timeline.  If I don’t try to have a kind of order, then it is really in order.

A story might be something that happened when I was a kid or it might be something that happened recently.  It might also be an essay or something I made up all by myself.  It might be something from a ministry or something pertaining to my Parkinson’s disease. I try to clarify it.

Why do you write humorous stuff?

Because its fun. I write serious stuff especially when it comes the Bible lessons. I have plans for a book of daily devotions in the future.  Humor writers think differently than most people and I am no exception. I do not necessarily think logically.

Do you really have a brain disease?

I have Parkinson’s disease, but that didn’t cause my strange sense of humor, that was there before the PD.

What do you hope to accomplish with your writing?

I hope to inform about Parkinson’s and have fun doing it.  I hope to relate to people by writing about everyday things – the kind of things that happen to everyone. Stupid things.

What made you want to be a writer?

I struggled through “bonehead” English in school.  I didn’t mind because that meant I didn’t have to study mythology or read Shakespeare. I learned about words, word parts, parts of speech, tenses and such.  Maybe a little of that stuck. I have always liked to read and enjoyed humor.

I enjoy writing humor.  It is fun.  Whether or not someone reads my stuff, I will write – because I am having fun. Although, it is rewarding that others enjoy my writing, too.

 When did you start writing?

A few years after graduation from vo-tech, I got married and was raising a family when I discovered that I could write.  I enjoyed writing humor and even writing term papers when I attended Bible College. I began writing my own ventriloquism skits because I was dissatisfied with the published stuff I found. When I became a pastor, I wrote my own sermons.  Now, I write creatively, for the most part.

 When do you write?

I write when I can.  Parkinson’s disease is unpredictable, so I write what I can when I can.  This might be in the morning, afternoon, evening or in the middle of the night.

 Who are your influences?

I have met some local authors that have been a great help to me. But I would say that Patrick F. McManus influenced me the most.  His writing prompted me to start writing humor.  His book, “The Deer On A Bicycle” taught me a lot about submitting as well as writing. A retired pastor with ALS, Ed Dobson, has books and videos that have been a spiritual help to me and influence my devotionals.

 What is your favorite thing about writing?

The whole process.  I enjoy putting the thoughts down on paper, then rewriting and playing with the concepts and the wording.  I also read it out loud to see how it sounds.  I catch a lot of things that don’t flow well or sound right that way.

 How can I contact you?

You can email me at ktbpub1@gmail.com

You can find me at http://www.facebook.com/KevinTBoekhoffAuthor

 Do you live in a mansion on a hilltop?

I am just a regular guy that just happened to write stuff down and put it into a book.  I do not live in a mansion, but a nice little house in a quiet city neighborhood. By reading my stories you should come to realize that I live an average life, I shop at the local grocery store, Kmart, Walmart etc. I go to church on Sunday, carry out some domestic duties in our house, wash and wax my own car.  It’s pretty much a normal, average life that most people have.  I experience the same problems, heartaches, and experiences that everyone else does, too.

Can you really throw your voice?

Yes, but getting a grip on it is the difficult part.  Actually, ventriloquists do not actually “throw” their voices, but rather use diversionary tactics and substitution of sounds to accomplish the illusion of life in a character.


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