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Devotional blog at

Gospel Ventriloquist website/blog at:

Book review on “I Forgot That I Remembered.”

Faces of South Dakota magazine, Winter 2013 issue has an article on me.

See this link for a program which includes my interview with Dr. Holm on the “On Call” program:

I had the privilege to be a presenter at the South Dakota Festival of Books in 2012

Kevin Boekhoff
Kevin Boekhoff resides in New Mexico, with his wife, Katie, and their Yorkshire Terrier, T-Bone Dickens. Boekhoff graduated from Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology. He served as pastor of a baptist church in North Idaho for ten years and currently serves the Lord at Eastside Baptist Church. He has worked many different ministries from leading Junior Church, bus captain, pastor, prison worker, pulpit supply, teacher, and soulwinner. He also spends much of his time writing creatively. He has been published in a variety of publications. He currently serves on the board of the Parkinson’s Association of South Dakota (PASD).Recent/notable work:

  • I Forgot That I Remembered
  • I Know What You Know


I am a superstar!  Not the SUPERSTAR, but a superstar by nomination. Check out:

Book Review:

  1. very useful blog Thank you!

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