A New Direction

I have been thinking about a new career. Well, actually more of a new direction for my writing.

The downside is that there is no notoriety in it, which means it probably doesn’t pay well either. However, the satisfaction of seeing something I wrote go viral on the internet might be all I need. The direction isn’t anything new, yet it is exceedingly popular.

I am considering incognito fiction directed at the gullible. All I need do is take something from the headlines and fictionalize it as fact. Some photos and videos unashamedly edited to mislead could accompany my post as “proof.” I could spend time researching and even branch out into making up some conspiracy theories. Proof positive isn’t necessary. I just simply need to produce doubt.

Then I would need a Facebook page or some way to present these fiction pieces anonymously. That way they can be shared with a credible source name attached, like “This is True and You Know It.”

Take the salmonella cucumbers from Mexico. No don’t. They could make you sick. Unless this is only a scare perpetrated by the largest burger business in the world to put gyro fast food places out of business. Without the cucumber sauce, the gyro wouldn’t be the same. So, this could all be a hoax.

Or maybe they really are bad news. A picture of someone spraying cucumbers with something, especially if they are wearing white jumpsuits and gas masks, would be a great start. Then I can ramble on with pure unadulterated speculation to tap into the average person’s fear of things they can’t control and their distrust of the government.

Maybe it could be a story on a major pesticide company tainting the cucumber crop in Mexico with drones. By spraying salmonella on them, the sales will drop. Thus, creating a market for insecticide sales in Mexico.

Maybe I could write such things, post them and start a website that debunks the stuff I made up. Hmmm, maybe that is where the notoriety and money is.


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  1. Hmmm. I can see how Satan does this very thing . It doesn’t surprise me much that we fall for it so many times .

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