Joke: Great Advice

A man keeps having horrible paranoid feelings that someone was hiding under his bed.

He finally goes to a psychiatrist. He tells the doctor that he just knows there is someone hiding under his bed at night. He says that whenever he gets the courage to look under the bed, he doesn’t see anyone, but feels the person has probably climbed on top of the bed. So, while he’s never seen the person, he knows he is there.

The psychiatrist says, “This sounds like a very deep-seated problem. It’ll probably take some intense therapeutic sessions, at least once or twice a week for a year or two to resolve the matter.”

The man said, “How much will this cost?”

The doc says, “$150 per session.”

The man gulps and says, “Doc, let me think about it.”

A couple of weeks later the man bumps into the doctor on the sidewalk and says, “Hey, doc. Good news! I’m cured, and it only cost me $10.”

The psychiatrist was stunned and asked, “That’s amazing. How is that possible?”

The man says, “I was telling my ol’ granny about my problem and she said, “Why, honey, just cut the legs off the bed!”

About Kevin T Boekhoff,

Author, Pastor, Humor writer, Gospel Ventriloquist

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