News Flash:  Big Pharma Stealing Cookies

It has come to my attention that big Pharma, through a hostile takeover, may soon own Nestle’s recipe and rights for Toll House cookies. It seems that they have discovered the health benefits of these chocolate chunk cookies (something I have known for many years).

I have discovered, through personal experimentation, that Extra-strength Chocolate Chunk Cookies do, in fact, have curative properties. I can recall many times throughout my life that without these cookies, I surely would have perished years ago. I recommend two cookies every four hours for common maladies. They work best when washed down with a mocha frappuccino. Serious ailments require a more rigorous regiment, although I do not recommend more than a dozen within a twenty-four hour period.

Perhaps a public outcry would stop this revolting development. Don’t remain silent about something so unimportant as this. Write your congressmen. Have the Presidential candidates address this in their next debate.

Don’t let the big pharmaceutical companies steal our cookies!

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff



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