A Serious Disappointment

When we looked through the house and went with the inspector at another time before we bought it. I discovered that the house was occupied by a squatter. A lady was living in the cellar/crawlspace. When we moved in, I was disappointed to find that she was no longer there. I wanted to get a picture of her.

Today, I had a repairman here that needed to go into the cellar/crawlspace/dungeon.  He thought the nearly horizontal exterior door looked spooky. We looked down the stair steps into the cellar area. It looked dark and creepy to him, especially with spider webs crisscrossing the passage.  Then he spotted the lady that lived down there.  While he contemplated having to go down into the “creepy movie” area (his terminology) I went to get a broom to shoo her away.  He took the broom from me, cleared away the spider webs. That’s when the lady grabbed onto the broom and wouldn’t let go.  He quickly handed me the broom covered with creepiness for “me to take care of.”

The lady started crawling up the broom.  She looked beautiful with the sun reflecting off of her. I really wanted to get my camera, but the repairman wanted to know that he was safe from her. She creeped him out, he said. Therefore, against all of my desires to take a picture, I killed her.  I hated to do it.  So, I’ll have to Google for pics of black widow spiders. I am seriously disappointed.

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff


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