The Danger of Getting Out of Bed

I felt fine, then I got out of bed.  This is something I have done all my life without adverse affects – until yesterday. It was time to get up, so I did so and suddenly my lower back hurt. I did not fall out of bed.  I did not get up on the wrong side of the bed. I didn’t even jump out of bed.  Ouch!

I understand that there is always a risk in getting up to face the cruel world, but in this case, it ambushed me. I now know that danger lurks even if I hide under my covers. Maybe I will just have to start staying in bed 24-7.  It’s the only safe place I know.

Well, I will go back to spending time with my cold pack and my heating pad.  I alternate them.  It sounds dangerous to apply them to my back at the same time.  Danger, everywhere danger.

Keep your eye peeled ( that sounds painful).  Beware of danger out there.

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff


About Kevin T Boekhoff,

Author, Pastor, Humor writer, Gospel Ventriloquist

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