The Secret Ingredient in Cappuccinos

I grew up with people that drank their coffee “black.” They would mock people as sissies if they put cream and sugar in their coffee.  Nowadays, coffee can be cappuccinos, frappuccinos, lattes, etc.  The first cappuccino I tried was at a HyVee gas station – and I liked it.  Sweet, creamy and hot.  Then one day I was at a real cappuccino place and discovered that all the fashionable coffee shops use coffee made with a secret ingredient.  Ground up tires.  The cappuccinos tasted like flavored burnt rubber.  It doesn’t matter what bona fide coffee place I have tried, they all use it.  Plus, they charge WAY too much.

Somebody somewhere must have been a good salesman.  What my folks would consider undrinkable coffee is now the “good stuff,” used as the base ingredient for all high class coffee items.  That salesman must be the same guy that gets people to pay $1500 for a mutt, I mean a “designer dog.”

The sad news is that we moved away from HyVee.  The local gas stations here water down their cappuccinos. They are weak, watery and flavor challenged.  Off course, I can always go buy some burnt rubber flavored stuff for three or four times the price at a fashionable coffee shop and support the tire recycling industry.

Enjoy your coffee.

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff


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