The True Motive Behind Cell Phones

I am certain that cells phones are an insidious device meant to drive men crazy.  Women not so much.

My wife has a special pocket in her purse that protects her from a cell phone’s delinquent behavior.  I have a pocket.  Actually, I have four pockets that already have stuff in them.  The cell phone dislikes this arrangement and acts out or acts up or whatever one might call it.

When I go out and about, I must put the cell phone in my pocket.  By the time I reach my car it is already giving me orders of things it wants me to do.  It takes pictures of the inside of my pocket.  It calls people without consulting me.  It has texted nothingness to people, as well.  It erases my alarms and even tries to get on the internet. It is possible that an exorcism is necessary. My phone is driving me crazy!

Hey! I just figured out the reason they are called cell phones. It is because they are likely to put me in a padded cell.

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff


About Kevin T Boekhoff,

Author, Pastor, Humor writer, Gospel Ventriloquist

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