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Wow, I think I am finally getting this figured out!  I don’t know whether WP changed things, or I forgot how to do things, but I was almost to the point of pulling my hair out.  Since I recently cut my own hair and it came out really really short, I wouldn’t have been able to get a good enough grip on a tuft to do much pulling.  Short hair grows back, so I am glad this is working!

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  1. Carolynne Pederson

    Kevin, You are doing a really good thing. I’m praying for you & others facing PD. And, I might add…people with PD aren’t the only ones challenged by tecnolgy. Keep up the good work.

  2. Richard Seaman

    Kevin, I am proud of you and am blessed to know you with or without Parkinsons. Serving with you on the SD Chapter Board is a joy. To see you evolve and discover gifts you have and share those gifts with others is touching more people than you can imagine. You have only begun.

  3. Kevin, I finally got to your website. I tried once, a few months ago, and didn’t succeed. My aging brain reminds me of some of your Parkinsons episodes. I am so proud of what you are accomplishing with your writing and now your ventriloquism, too. I’m honored to be related to you. ,

  4. Robert Bateman

    Kevin, Up reading Just Me: Humourus, Helpful and Odd at 4 something in the morning. I go through some of the things you go though as well and keep going. In your book you say you are waiting for someone to show up, I are here. Great book and like your type of humor (Canadian spelling) We can’t afford all the letters in some of the words we use so we just leave some out.

  5. Hi, Kevin! I finally got to your website! …look forward to visiting again. Keep on keeping on! Proud of you!

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