A Swede was driving along an interstate-highway for the first time. As he was listening to the radio the music was suddenly interrupted by a warning message which said that there was a car driving the wrong way on the highway. “ONE?” the Swede yells out, “there are several hundred of them out there!”

Pic from Amy’s Bookcase

This bear has good taste in books. He is on display at Amy’s Bookcase, Farmington NM.



Aztec Public Library

Hey check this out!

My Primate Division

I now have primate division. Four of these are conversions from stuffed animals. Ruthie is the chimp, Orango Tango is the oranguatan, Herkimer is the dimwitted monkey, the gorilla and the yeti are unnamed as of today. Any suggestions for them would be appreciated.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Kevin & the Gang.

​This year we have been very busy working on our new old house. Eventually, we were able to begin focusing more on writing, ventriloquism or both. We had the privilege to have a book signing at Amy’s Bookcase in Farmington. College Heights Baptist Church has embraced the ventriloquism and we have had a great time there.DSC_06710012


I began converting stuffed animals into puppets. I has given a couple away to budding ventriloquists and kept some. Those I have kept have been drafted into my gang. Some of the newest members are Clem the Prospector bear, Orango Tango the ringmaster of the bunch, Snaggletooth the sabre toothed tiger, and a monkey (still unnamed). There are more hiding in the closet, too.

IMG_10580001​We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Kevin T Boekhoff & the Gang

Great Books!

That person doesn’t have everything until he/she has one of these books (in paperback and Kindle).

Gift Ideas

Don’t forget to check out these books for gift ideas:IFTIR MasterCoverJPEG

IKWYK cover JPEG JMHHO cover jpegIFTIR MasterCoverJPEG

Store at:

Pics from the Book Signing

Here are some pics from the book signing today. My new friend Nate and I talked ventriloquism. I had a great time.




In the Newspaper

Announcement w Pic0003

Story in Storyteller

I received this message from the Storyteller Magazine:

Your story (The Cookie Famine) will be in the next issue…Am hoping the issue will be available sometime later in November. Ordering copies can now be done through Amazon, B&, Kindle and Nook.

This is so cool. It is a great magazine.



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